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Known for our high standards in customer service, clients are often surprised with our expeditious turnaround.

Our architectural products include both cast stone and architectural precast concrete for both residential and commercial construction projects. We custom manufacture our products according to the needs of the customer or architect. In addition, we also offer a selection of standard stock items. Some typical applications are window surrounds, door surrounds, decorative caps, banding, lintels, window sills, keystones, watertables, stair balustrades, decorative reliefs, building signs, stone wall tiles, as well as many others.

Quality is taken very seriously at Christopher Stuart Cast Stone, LTD. Our production process starts with a computer-generated shop drawing followed by the construction of custom molds by our in-house, highly-skilled mold makers with over 20 years experience.  All products are manufactured and placed inside a cure room which is saturated with 95% humidity and heated above 90 degrees which is critical to produce strong corners and edges.  The cure room and curing process is essential to producing high-quality products and prevent crazing, which are small surface cracks that can result from incorrect manufacturing techniques.  Products are then packed with protective materials including edge guards, stretch wrap, and heat shrink bags and allowed to cure.  Each pallet is carefully marked for easy product identification and retrieval.

We use only the highest-quality raw materials that comply with the appropriate A.S.T.M. standards. Our finished cast stone products meet or exceed the performance standards set forth in A.S.T.M. 1364 for Architectural Cast Stone. Testing data shows that we exceed the minimum requirements P.S.I. (6500 lbs) and absorption (6%).

Our innovative product development and production techniques allow us to:

  • produce better product at a lower cost,
  • provide faster turnaround, and
  • exceed customer expectations.

Christopher Stuart Cast Stone LTD also provides architectural precast concrete for structural applications. We have extensive experience with reinforcement, embedded steel applications and post tensioning (Engineering).


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